An Emperor who still makes us think

One of our wonderful tutors, Alix, who works with a group of young teachers in India, has been exploring with them the role of truth and honesty in society. In one class, the debate focused on the well known tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Here, Nemaji shares what his interpretation of the story was.  
(The story itself is shared at the left

1. The Emperor’s first priority and first duty is to provide for the people. Then after that, he can provide for himself. But this Emperor is very selfish. He always thinks about how he looks. All around the world there are people who are very rich like the Emperor. They just want to be rich. They have no thought to help others. They run back to money. They forget our life’s meaning. They forget our humanity. They always think about how to look rich. But we have also some duty to contribute to our society. That story also reminds us of our humanity and our duty.

2. The second thing is this tailor tells a good lie. I mean, because the Emperor forgets his duty the tailor tries to remember his duty. He tells a lie for others’ happiness, so in this case the lie is good.

3. Sometimes we don’t know about something but we say to others “yes I know about those things.” When this happens we think we will fool others but we forget we will not fool others. We will make ourselves look foolish. Take this king for example: He couldn’t see the clothes but he said, “Magnificent.” He tried to fool the others but he made a fool of himself. So in this story I learned that if someone asks me about something I don’t know, I will say very honestly, “I don’t know about these things.”  


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