Best friends, better friends

One of our wonderful tutors, Alix, who works with a group of young teachers in India, has been exploring with them the role of truth and honesty in society. She asked the teachers to write short stories that could help their students better understand the consequences of lying. Here Kavita shares with us her story.   

Photo courtesy Karthik Chandran, Unsplash!


THERE were two best friends, Rahul and Soham, who lived in a small village. They both always lied to other people. The villagers got tired of their lying habit. One day the villagers decided to teach them a lesson for their bad habit. They called them and told them, “There is a gold factory and they are selling at very low prices. Go buy some for us.” 

They both got excited about the gold purchasing. The villagers gave them an address for that place. While travelling to that place they were very excited for the gold. They were making a plan. The plan was they would buy gold for the villagers and keep it with them. They would tell the villagers they lost the gold in the train.

They reached that address. What did they see there? There was no gold shop there. They got so angry at the villagers because of that.

They came back to the village. They asked the villagers, “Why did you lie to us?”

Then the villagers laughed at them. They asked them, “Why do you think we lied to you?” 

They let them think about it. They both got answers for their question. They felt guilty about their bad habit and said sorry to the villagers. The villagers forgave them. Everyone felt happy and lived together happily.  —Kavita

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