Amelia Earhart (2)

 “I want to be free!” —Amelia Earhart.


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      “Pioneers” are people who go where other people are afraid to go. They do things other people are afraid to try to do. For them, it is like breathing. It is their life. Amelia Earhart wanted to fly. It was her dream.  

     When Amelia was young, she read stories of women who did things men do. She cut her hair short.  She wore pants like men wear. And, she learned to fly an airplane! When she was 24 years old, she took her first lesson. One year later, she took a test and passed it.  She could fly!  Soon, she was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. She was not the pilot [the person who drives the airplane], she was just a passenger [someone who rides in a car, or on a bus or train]. People loved Amelia’s courage. They talked more about her, than the pilot! After that, people all over the world knew who she was.

      When Amelia was only 34 years old, she flew across the Atlantic all alone. She could not sleep. She stayed awake for 22 hours!  That is how long it took her to fly across the ocean.  But still she was not happy. She wanted all people to be able to fly.  It took a long time, but finally airplanes were made to carry people long distances. People began to see the world. The first passengers [people riding on the planes] were as brave as Amelia.  Air travel was not safe then and it was not comfortable! But because of Amelia and those first passengers, you and I can fly in airplanes today safely [without problems].

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     Amelia’s biggest dream was to fly around the world. It was very dangerous and it was almost impossible. But she wanted to do it! Amelia almost made it. She was so close. She did everything so well. But over the Pacific Ocean her plane went down and she was never found. Ships searched the ocean for days and weeks. But no one knows where her plane crashed. The world loved the courage of Amelia Earhart. She gave other people courage, both men and women. When they saw her, they wanted to do better. That is why pioneers are so important. They give us more courage.  They help us do things we thought we could not do.

     Someone asked Amelia why she wanted to do such difficult things.  She answered, “There is more to life than being a passenger.”

1) What do Amelia’s words mean: “There is more to life than being a passenger.”

2) What did you learn from this story?

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