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§ STORY SUBJECT:  A man wants to help poor children. No one wants to be poor. The man wants to give the children and their families a way to help themselves.

Dan West is a farmer who lives in Ohio. Ohio is a state in the middle of America. Ohio has many farms. The people grow crops. They take care of cows and chickens. Their work feeds people. It is very important.

     When World War II came, Dan did not want to kill people, not even enemies. And so, he did not fight. He worked to help refugees. [Refugees are people who must leave their home because of war or other problems.] Dan gave each refugee a cup of milk every day. One day he thought, “These people don’t need a cup of milk, they need a cow!”

     When Dan returned home after the war, he went to the people in his town and told them his idea. They were also farmers. They agreed that it was a good idea. Seventeen (17) families in Dan’s town gave him a cow to send to families in Puerto Rico. Dan sent 17 cows to Puerto Rico by boat!  (Can you imagine 17 cows on a boat?) 

     That was 70 years ago. Today, thanks to Dan’s idea, more than 20 million (20,000,000) families in 125 countries have been given an animal. Some families are given cows, some goats, or some sheep or chickens.

Here is the secret to Dan’s success:

     Every family who receives an animal promises to give the first baby girl animal to someone else. That way, the people help each other. Dan did not just want to give people a gift. He wanted people to be able to help themselves.

     The cows give milk people can drink and sell. From the milk people can make cheese and butter to eat and to sell. Cows can help plow fields. Cows give more baby cows! With more food and money, village people can build schools, better homes, and roads.  And all this started with one idea and 17 cows. 

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