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Helen Keller wants to learn English. She wants to speak English. She wants to read English. But she cannot see. (She is blind.) She cannot hear. (She is deaf.) She cannot speak. (She is dumb.) 

     How do you teach someone words who cannot hear? How do you teach someone to read who cannot see? When Helen is six (6) a teacher comes to help her.  The teacher’s name is Annie. She is only twenty (20) years old. Annie has much patience. That means, she does not care if it takes a long time to teach Helen. Annie works very hard. She wants to give Helen words. Words are how Helen will “see” and “hear”.

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     Annie gives Helen a doll. Then she spells “doll” in her hand. She makes letters with her fingers. Annie gives Helen a flower and spells “flower”. She puts many, many, many things in Helen’s hand and spells the word for each thing! She learns every word you and I know.

     Helen goes to school. Annie helps her in school. Annie reads books to Helen, spelling every letter and every word in the book.

     Helen wants to speak! How? By touching Annie’s throat, mouth, and nose, she “feels” the words and learns to speak.

     When Helen is 19 she goes to a university! She works all her life to help blind and deaf people. She said, “Self-pity is our worst enemy.”

You can hear Helen speak in the film below and see how she was taught.

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