Gentle friends (2)

          A true story


THE name of this photograph is “gentle friends”. The name of the black dog is Beamka. The little cat is Poppins. They are best friends. They are together all the time. The first time they were together I took this photo. They were best friends the first time they met [were together].  They will be friends forever. Forever is for all time. 

Beamka thinks Poppins is a little dog and Poppins thinks Beamka is a very big cat. They play together. They eat dinner together. They sleep next to each other at night. They think I am a student. They teach me to give them food, to open and close doors, and to love. 


< PAST                                                   PRESENT  |                                   FUTURE >

I was a writer.                                        I am a writer.                                    I will be a writer.
He was a friend.                                    He is a friend.                                   He will be a friend.
They were together.                             We are together.                               We will be together.
We were happy together.                    We are happy together.                   We will be happy together.

*photo = photograph

  …………………..…………Q: What does “gentle” mean? Look at the photo. The dog is gentle. The cat is gentle.  Gentle = quiet, peaceful, kind.


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