Song Maker (2)



noon: 12 o’clock in the day.

reflection: The image (picture) you see in a mirror.

confused: When you can’t think clearly. 

shade:  The cool shadow made under a tree or next to a building where the sun does not shine.

tiny: Something very small.

delicate: Something very fine, small and carefully made. 

miracle: Something good that comes from a power Higher than the power of people. 

A true story with a happy ending.

IT was noon*. It was the hottest hour of the day. It was 32º Celsius [or 90º Fahrenheit]. Even the wind was too tired to blow. Suddenly, I heard something hit the window. I ran outside. Near the window a small bird was on the ground breathing very hard. The reflection* in the window of the trees confused* her.  By mistake she flew into the window hurting herself. Her eyes were closed. I gently took the little bird in my hands. It was a song sparrow. All summer they fill the garden with beautiful songs. I found a place in the shade* to hold her until she could fly again. It was not the first time I helped a little bird in the garden. Usually, after a bird rests ten or fifteen minutes, it can fly again.

    “Don’t be afraid, little one. Don’t be afraid,” I said to her softly, like a small prayer.  I told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her songs.   

    After ten minutes she sat up in my hand and looked at me, but she didn’t fly away. She cleaned her feathers. She made herself comfortable in my hand and then she fell asleep! Ten minutes later she opened her eyes and began to sing. First she turned her head to the right and then to the left. I looked at her bright little eyes, tiny* feathers, and delicate* feet. 

     “What a little miracle* you are!” I said to her. “How wonderful to think that God made each of your little feathers and gave you such a beautiful voice!” As I spoke to her, she happily jumped from my left hand to my right hand. Then, she sat on my knee. Finally, after fifteen minutes she flew to a tree, sat on a branch, and then looked back at me.  I went back to work and the song sparrow began to sing.

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