January 16th

Photo Max Bender, Unsplash!


THIS story is from America, Mordochka, even though I know you like stories from far away places. Still, there are lots of really good stories right here on the other side of our fence!

     This story is about two college girls who were studying to be nurses. They lived in a city where crime was a big problem. One weekend there was a carnival and the nurses really wanted to go to it. They started out and, almost immediately, three young men started to follow them. They caught up with the girls and stopped them. The men threatened to hurt them.

     But suddenly one of the nurses, named Nancy, said, “Wait! I know you!” (She pointed to one of the men.) I helped you in the Emergency Room. You were in a fight last month and were badly hurt.” 

     The man looked carefully at her and then said in an angry voice, “Why are you out here alone? It’s not safe. You’re asking for trouble!”   

     The girls said they worked really hard every day and just wanted to go to the carnival and have some fun. So do you know what those three men did?  They took the nurses to the carnival and protected them the whole evening and then walked them home.

—Told to us by Nancy.

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