January 26th

InterestEng. made toys


ARVIND Gupta is a very clever and kind man from India. He’s even a very quiet, simple man—but that has not stopped him from doing something quite remarkable. 

     When Arvind was in university, he began to see things in the world that bothered him because they didn’t need to be that way. He heard people talk about the wrongs and poverty so many of the people in India lived under. But he didn’t want to talk. He wanted to do something.  

     One day he heard one of his professor’s say, “If you want to change the world, go to the people. Live with them to understand them. Start with what they know. Build on what they have.” With this lesson taught to him by his professor, Arvind made a rule for his life:  It is better to do small actions, than to talk many words.

     First, while he was in university, he began to teach children simple, conventional school lessons who were too poor to go to school.  But then he had the idea of teaching them using toys.  But they were not ordinary toys; they were amazing toys. They were colorful, fun, unique . . . and made from trash!

     Arvind happily shares how to make these toys with anyone and everyone, as well as online: “Arvind Gupta, Toys From Trash” found on YouTube.

—Story discovered on Newsela.  

Toy 1: Eating (pecking) bird made with match box.

Toys 2 and 3: Clothes pin toys.

Toy 4: Happy caterpillar made from a toothpaste box.

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