January 8th


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THIS is a gentle story from America, Mordochka, about one of the most special things that makes America, America: it’s called Thanksgiving. 

     This story happened one Thanksgiving morning. A young woman put on her coat and slipped a small box in her pocket. She wasn’t going too far, just to a neighbor’s house—an older woman who now lived all alone. The young woman knocked on the door. “Happy Thanksgiving,” she said when her neighbor opened the door. “I have a little gift for you!”

     The neighbor was surprised because you don’t usually give gifts on Thanksgiving. She took the box and smiled gratefully. “Thank you so much. How kind of you.”  The neighbor opened the box and then looked up with a very puzzled look on her face: “There’s nothing in it . . .”

     The young woman laughed and said, “It’s called a ‘Blessing Box’. Each time something good happens, write it on a little piece of paper and put it in the box. Then, next Thanksgiving, open the box and see all the good that happened to you.” 
—Blessing Box idea originally told to us by Margie.

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