Six starter stories (1)


         STORY 1

       mirrorgirl                                                                                                                           mirror2     

Hello. It is nice to meet you.                           
My name is Anne. I am nine (9).                                                                            
I am fine, Thank you.
I am learning English.  
How are you?                                                                   My name is Harry.       

***        .      …


Asa's big catch 026

Grandmother is taking the picture!


Tennis mouse







a girl



New York

Grandfather is happy. 
Grandson is happy. 
The fish is not happy.
The black and white dog sees a cat.

              Where is grandmother? Do you know?

Everyone wants a house. 
I want a house. You want a house. We want a house. 
Even a mouse wants a little house.
Do you have a mouse in your house?.

 I do!

Bees like beautiful flowers and you like beautiful flowers. Bees like summer and you like summer. Bees work hard in the garden and you work hard in the garden. Bees eat and you eat. Bees drink water and you drink water. Bees sleep at night and you sleep at night. Bees love life and you love life. Why aren’t you a bee?

A girl wants a fish for dinner. 
She goes to the sea and finds a fish. 
She goes to the kitchen and finds a pan.
She gets a book and finds how to cook it.

She goes to the cupboard and finds two plates. 
She goes to her friend to invite her for dinner. 
She returns to her house and finds her cat,
……………………………………..fat and happy.



*EXERCISE:  Do you know how to use these marks? 

[. , ? !]

1.)  Try to read this story:

where is the man he is in New York what is New York it is a city in America what is America it is a country on earth what is the earth it is a small ball in the sky what is the man doing he is standing on the small ball in the sky holding a sign and smiling why because life on a small ball is very funny

It’s very hard to read without these marks!  [. , ? !]

2.)  Now read the story again:

Where is the man?  He is in New York. 
What is New York?  It is a city in America. 
What is America?  It is a country on earth.
What is the earth?  It is a small ball in the sky.

What is the man doing? 
He is standing on the small ball in the sky, holding a sign and smiling. 
Why? Because life on a small ball is very funny!

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