How the Sahara Desert Came To Be (2)

Andrzej Kruszpiniuk AM

Photo courtesy Andrzej Kruszpiniuk, Unsplash!

This wonderful story is adapted for English Language Learners from a very old Moroccan tale.

WHEN the world was still very young and new, people were kind and good. They loved life and they treated each other well.  At that time, there was no such thing as a lie.  People told the truth and saw no reason not to tell the truth.     

     But then one day, a man named Abdul told his wife a lie. It was a very, very, very small lie and didn’t seem important, but soon his wife learned that he hadn’t told her the truth and she was very sad. When her neighbors asked her why she was sad, she explained what happened and then they were sad too. The wives went home and told their husbands and then they were sad as well. Soon, God looked down and saw that His happy people were now sad!  He called them all together and said, “Abdul, I forgive you for the lie you told but none of you must ever lie again!  If anyone ever tells a lie again, I will drop one small grain of sand on to the earth for every lie that is told!”  

     The people listened to God but thought, “A grain of sand? That is nothing! You can hardly see a grain of sand.” So, all the people quickly forgot what God had said. After many years, little by little, lie by lie, the Sahara desert came to be, but no one remembered why.

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