Phone Sponsors Supporting Tutoring is a quiet initiative by which individuals can help students in Afghanistan through adding monthly credits to a student’s phone. It costs a little less than $10 to keep a student connected to the internet for a month. The credits go directly to a student’s phone. By phone, students are being tutored in English, math, journalism, chemistry and physics, have access to additional online courses, and are able to keep in touch with loved ones who have left the country. 
     The service is provided by an Irish based, and globally recognized, organization called Ding and is being coordinated by InterestEng for our Afghan students.       
     In exchange, all students receiving phone support are sharing what they’re learning with at least one other person. This not only empowers the students to do good, but has been truly helpful as the demand for lessons is outpacing available tutors. There are currently 12 students being helped—with more who would be grateful to have a sponsor. If you’d like to learn more, please send an email to:

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