A real man

Shaiq is from Afghanistan. His native language is Dari. He was a student at SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan and went on to study very successfully in the U.S.  Reprinted from an earlier issue of InterestEng. 

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A REAL man must believe in himself and then his life can improve. If he does not give in to sadness, he can improve his life. It helps to forget the things that happened in the past and think instead about what you have done that makes you proud.    

     I tell myself that life is an essay. I try hard and work hard to write it many times to make it good. If I do not try hard or study well, I won’t complete my life essay. Life is always difficult when you do not try your best. Those things that are hard I must try to do, and if I cannot do them I must ask others to help me. Here we have a saying, “If you try, you can fly.” I must tell myself that I can do what I need to do. 

     A real man is also trying hard to help other people. It does not make you rich, but it makes you responsible to your country and to society. And it shows that you have very rich feelings. It shows that you want your country and the world to improve. A person that helps other people respects life. When I help a person, I think that I help a country.    

     A real man is stronger than fear and he stands for everyone’s rights. He does not kill others or hurt them by taking away their rights. He doesn’t think only about himself and what is going to happen to him. He doesn’t think negatively about others, he thinks positively about them. A real man is a great man. And to be great means to be a good man. A real man likes good and interesting things, he loves beauty, he is always trying to improve his life and learn new things. I want to be a real man.  —Shaiq

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