A student’s answer to dishonesty



Photo courtesy Chia

This is reprinted from an earlier issue of InterestEng.  Chaman’s native language is Kurdish. 

Chaman read a story from a news site for young people called Newsela. The story was about 11 U.S. teachers facing prison terms after years of changing their students’ wrong test answers to correct answers so that they would look like better teachers.  

I THINK you must help these teachers imagine what they have done to their students, to the students’ families, and to their country. Everyone who goes into the world is the student of some teacher.  Teachers have a big influence on all of society. 

     These teachers should feel sorry for what they did, but I would not send them to prison. I think they should teach with less pay and have to work more to help students. You should also make the teachers read great authors’ writings because books can change people’s lives, especially if the books are like the person’s situation. Great books make you want to be like the people you read about. The teachers just stopped feeling inspired. They just need to be inspired.  —Chaman

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