The Adventures of Little Lies


      “The Adventures of Little Lies” is the first of a series of interactive “thinking stories” being produced for our students this year. The stories are being made with the help of teachers, writers, and young people from several countries and cultures.  You can go through the story yourself (click the image at the left to open) and also read a “thinking” response to the story below.  Our good friend, The Gentle One, and her daughter read the story together and then her daughter sent this to us. The answers, we might add, come from experience, that of being on the receiving end of lies.


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THIS is what I learned from the story:

1. If we aren’t honest we will be worse day by day. We will go the wrong way instead of the right way.  If we aren’t honest, and destroy other people’s lives, we can never be happy. We will regret it till we die.  If we aren’t honest, we will always have fear to be caught by the bad work that we did or the lie that we told to a person!  We will always have to take a strong load on our back.

2. The snake in the story is pretending to be good, but in reality it is not good. Just like when sometimes some people are pretend- ing that they are helping us or they have something good for us, but they are just hurting us. There are a lot of dishonest people in our life. 

3. If we tell a lie the first time, we will do it again and again till we aren’t able to say right. Maybe from outside we will show ourself a good person but from inside we can’t. 

4. If we try to get our success by the wrong way, it is a doubt if we will get it.  If we continue our life with dishonesty, our life will be darker day by day.  We can’t walk far with a little stone in our shoe and we can’t go far with lies.

5. I think the biggest lies got started with little ones.  In the story, it was a little match that started a big fire in the forest. A little mistake can destroy a lot of lives and their dreams.  

     This is all I learned and this is what I would tell children about lying. I think dishonesty is so bad that we should not do it in our life.   — The Gentle Daughter

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