The comfort of it . . . of forgiving

  Story by Frozan, whose native language is Dari.  Reprinted from a 2014 issue of InterestEng.



MOST of all, forgiveness comforts us. Revenge is just wasting our time. It doesn’t have any benefits . We only give more pain to ourselves. We may hurt someone else, but we hurt ourselves more. 

     When you forgive, some people say that you are weaker than the people who hurt you. They say that it is foolish to forgive. But this is not true. Only very big people with big hearts can forgive. Small thinking people cannot forgive. If you really want to revenge someone—forgive them! The person will feel shame and they will not do it again. In a country where there is revenge, people live with pain inside them. Revenge hurts even the next generation because it is like a poison of the mind. Parents make their children’s minds like a dust bin. When you fill children’s minds with bad things, there is no room for the good. But when you empty their minds of bad things, you can fill it with good things. Good and bad can’t be together in your mind because they are opposites, like darkness and light. So we must empty our minds of the bad to make room for the good. It’s the only way we’ll be free from revenge. —Frozan

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